About Us

Hi, I’m Dan, and welcome to Writing a Map!

Writing a Map is where I try to do justice to the interesting places I visit and the amazing adventures I experience. Come with me as I climb a volcano in Guatemala, learn first hand history from an ex-guerrilla in El Salvador and marvel at a Mayan pyramid in Mexico.

If you are looking for inspiration for your own trip, or just curious to see what travelling is like, Writing a Map will have what you are looking for.

I always appreciate feedback on my writing, or suggestions or requests on what you would like me to write about next, so please get in touch on facebook or email, and help me Write a Map.

Meet the Team

Dan Baker

Hi, I’m Dan, and I’m trying to capture the romanticism of being a struggling writer.

I discovered my enthusiasm for writing whilst studying History at Manchester and Classics at Bristol for four years. After completing my time at university I spent the beginning half of the year travelling to Cuba, Mexico and Central America, where I kept a travel blog. Now that I am back in England I am working on beginning a career around my love of writing.

Hannah Green

My partner in adventure. I met Hannah in Mexico and we ended up travelling together.

Originally from Newcastle, Hannah studied in Manchester before going travelling to Mexico, Central America and the US.

Many of the fantastic photos used here will be thanks to her. If it wasn’t for Hannah you would be looking at a white screen with some writing on it!