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Huacachina, Peru: The Oasis in the Desert

I arrived in Huacachina early in the afternoon and immediately fell in love with it. In fact, it might be safe to say it’s my new favourite place. Certainly, it will be hard to beat on the rest of the trip.  Huacachina is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert, beset on three…

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Barcelona: An unexpected but welcome stop

So my trip got off to a good start. A couple of friends drove me to the airport which was much easier than the bus, so that was appreciated. Checking in and security was fairly painless and the flight was pretty standard. We landed in Barcelona and I got out through customs and then swung…

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Writing a Map: Peru, Bolivia and Colombia

So it’s been pretty quiet on the blog lately, hasn’t it? There is an explanation though, aside from my sheer laziness, the last few months have been pretty tough. My girlfriend broke up with me about 6 months ago and I’ve had a bit of a hard time dealing. To put the icing on the…

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Campeche, Mexico: A Colonial Disneyland

Walking the wall and visiting the Bastions… I visited Campeche about a month into my first trip travelling. Just like in Tulum, I was still travelling solo back then. Although Campeche was where Hannah and I first met, so it will always be remembered as a bit of a special place. As I said above,…

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Tulum, Mexico: A Vision Of Paradise

Tulum is one of my favourite travel spots in Mexico. I wanted to share my adventures with you and invite you to discover the breathtaking Mayan ruins and beautiful beaches that Tulum has to offer.   Luckily my article has been published by travelicious.world; where you will be able to find out about this amazing…

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